What We Do

Heritage Conservation

Since 1993 when HLM was established we have worked alongside conditionally exempt estates and today we are one of the leading practices in the country providing services to owners of national heritage landscapes. From specialist advice relating to IHT planning and conditional exemption, to assessment of heritage qualities, through preparation of Heritage Management Plans to on-going monitoring, HLM are able to cover all aspects of this work. Our management plans identify the scenic, ecological and cultural heritage assets of a site, setting policies that balance economically sustainable approaches to future management with maintenance and preservation of national heritage values.

Historic Landscapes

Working with owners and managers of designed historic landscapes is one of the core areas of our practice. Since 1993 HLM have developed specialist skills and expertise delivering a range of projects for World Heritage Sites, expansive parklands and intimate historic gardens. Our parkland conservation plans use historic research and site recordings to understand the significance of a place in order to conserve its special character, while supporting appropriate and viable new uses for historic landscapes into the future. We also prepare heritage appraisals and heritage impact assessments for planning applications in the historic environment. 

Building Conservation

Historic buildings are recognized as being a significant part of our cultural heritage. HLM have been involved in working with historic buildings, villages and settlements for many years. We have developed skills in understanding the needs of these buildings and proposing sensitive approaches to their conservation and appropriate re-use. Services include heritage assessments to support planning applications, historic buildings condition surveys, and conservation area appraisals. 

Environmental and Landscape Management

Assessment and appraisal of the landscape is key to informing good management and appropriate new design. Conserving heritage features can, in our experience, sit alongside contemporary design, allowing traditional landscapes to be revitalised through the use of modern management and design techniques. Our services include tree surveys and management plans, specialist input into restoration projects for heritage features such as lakes, follies and redundant farm buildings, and advice on the care and maintenance of historic landscapes.